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Flexible working space and telecom companies.

Future Workspaces Look Hugely Exciting

The BCA is a fantastic gathering of technology companies that revolve around the flexible workspace world.

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Joe Hammond

  • Videographer/Editor

Mikey Lamb

  • Videographer/Editor

What We Did

Tasked with capturing the key takeaways from the conference, we interviewed keynote speakers, CEOs and heavily experienced members from the technology sector.

Presenting Technology Within at the BCA showed their target market that they don’t just listen, but they also deeply understand the industry for their customers to get the greatest improvement as technology and strategies progress.

Keynote Speakers

We interviewed keynote speakers from high-level tech and service office providers to get a quality and reliable insight for Technology Within’s customers to tune into.

Timing is Everything

When we needed to interview certain individuals, such as the organisers, we had to pick our approach in a timely manner to conduct an interview. With being thoughtful of the organiser’s duties to ensure everything flows well with time, we notified them 1 hour prior to finding them again so they could prepare their thoughts to the questions we were asking.

The Result

The video serves as a highlight of BCA shown through the lens of Technology Within. Entailing key areas of where the tech and working office space industry will be heading in the future to come.

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