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Joe Hammond

I’m a project coordinator, sales director and videographer who seeks to create fun opportunities and produce captivating content that drives change in the digital age.

Leomik is a name I made out of my middle name “Leo” and my co-founder’s name "Mik"ey. I freelanced and worked in video and post-production for 5 years before establishing Leomik. But what does Leomik mean I hear you ask? It means, pure legends - yes it does, no questioning.

When I approached Mikey in 2018 with the idea, we both instantly knew it would be a foundation to place our passion for creating videos, marketing and strategy all under one unique business.

I’m highly motivated, self-taught and industrious to my work. It isn’t a chore. My wide-ranging background of video, branding and advertising has enabled me to efficiently troubleshoot, measure and adapt to creative challenges entailed within my craft.

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