Giving a voice to diverse cultures and minorities.

Spreading Awareness To Benefit Everyone.

The Black Ethnic And Minority held their 2019 conference at Solent University to bring together people from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities to show what our collective differences can achieve. Based in Hampshire. BEAM's mission is to remove barriers for minorities and experience access to emotional health care and healing.

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  • Joe Hammond


  • Mikey Lamb

Motion Design

  • Mikey Lamb

The Challenge

1. Showcase a 5-minute video of the BEAM Conference.

2. Conducting interviews with keynote speakers and high-level authorities.

3. Record moments with a broadcast team live-streaming the event.

Adding Creative Attitude

To bring a layer of direction and tone to the showcase video, we designed the video with music that was slow and tuneful to a conference with a sensitive nature. To amplify a slow and steady approach, we recorded our BROLL/cutaways in slow motion. Delivering the messages steadily allowed us to manifest the core values of the conference effectively over time to create understanding with ease.

How We Did It

We used Adobe Premiere to put the raw cut together, Adobe After Effects for the thematic thirds and Adobe Audition to master the audio from the interviews and music.

The Results

The piece was established on BEAM’s YouTube and will be used to advertise the previous event for when their next conference comes around. It’s a reflective showcase of the delight of what takes place during BEAMs well organised, open and friendly get-togethers.

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